Kayla Goldbottom

Hill Dwarf Cleric of Erathis


Kayla is a bright and joyful woman who doesn’t care if people think she’s girlish – she knows she can still probably take them in a fight. She has golden brown hair swept back into a pretty but sensible braid and keeps her armour spotless. She has dark brown eyes and medium brown skin with a light dusting of freckles across her hose and cheeks. She has deep dimples in her cheeks when she laughs and gets a rosy glow if she starts to chuckle for too long.

She is average height for a female dwarf and although slender for a dwarf is well muscled and handles her warhammer with both ease and grace.


She learned to heal from her father who worked as a healer treating miners in Kraghammer.

Having seen first hand how disorder can lead to loss of life following the chaos of the Chroma Conclave attacks she pledged herself to Erathis and has worked ever since to help and heal those in need and return the structures of civilisation to bring peace and order back to Tal’Dorei.

After requesting a travelling position after a long time cooped up in a temple in Emon, she has spent the last two months serving as an assistant to Sigmund Thurn a young, but promising paladin of Erathis who is carrying his mandatory service of a year as a travelling magistrate.

She really quite likes Sigmund and thinks he’s pretty cute.

Kayla Goldbottom

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